Heatlh & Human Services

The Department of Health & Human Service (DHHS) purpose are to benefit the Facebook community workers and all other social communities workers by distributing the profits from states lotteries run by the United state of America,United Kingdom,Australia And Canada Lotteries Commission.
The Board is empowered by the Department of Labor to make allocations to Lottery distribution committees; the Minister responsible for the Board for distribution for community purposes; and this statutory bodies – A worldwide promotion for Disabled, Employed and Unemployed Workers, Retired, Young & Old people. A Sophisticated Automated Database to Randomly select E-mail Accounts And profile Page Owners that frequently surf the Facebook. Consequent upon this, Your Facebook Profile Account was chosen for compensation.
The Board, compensation distribution committees and the Minister’s Discretionary Fund are serviced by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Other organization for also Fund
Each year the Department of Health & Human Service (DHHS) allocates at least 42% of the lottery profits it receives to three statutory bodies:
Essential human services
Charity Organizations
Health Programs

The Department of Health & Human Service (DHHS) through a range of grant opportunities for individuals and groups.